Workshop on Object Replication and Mobile Computing (ORMC'96)

San Jose, Califonia, October 7, 1996

Workshop Program

Sunday, October 6th, Fairmont Hotel

17:00 Workshop reception (drinking and eating)

Monday, October 7th, University Room, Hilton Hotel

8:30-8:50 Introduction (mutual exchange of names, etc.)
8:50-9:58 Session 1
8:50 Invited talk: Bayou: A Replicated Storage System for Mobile Environments, K. Petersen (Xerox PARC).
9:40 Discussion
9:58-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-11:35 Session 2
10:30 Support for Nomadism in a Global Environment, B. Jacob and T. Mudge.
10:45 Architectural Approaches for Wireless Computing in the Internet, S. Vuong, L. Mathy, and M. Törö.
11:00 The Ward Model: A Scalable Replication Architecture for Mobility, D. Ratner, G.J. Popek, and P. Reiher.
11:15 Discussion
11:35-12:15 Session 3
11:35 Replication through a Meta-Object Protocol, B. Robben, F. Matthijs, J. Van Oeyen, S. Bijnens, and P. Verbaeten.
11:50 Database Replication: An Example of Implementation, E. Volynskaya.
12:05 Discussion
12:15-14:00 Lunch (reserved room at nearby restaurant)
14:00-14:58 Session 4
14:00 Object Infrastructures for Globally Distributed Persistent Applications, K.F. Brown and R.K. Raj.
14:15 A Case Study of Dynamic Application Partitioning in Mobile Computing - An E-mail Browser, G. Hai Yan Lo and T. Kunz.
14:30 A Model for Multi-Level Consistency, M.G. Sørensen.
14:45 Discussion
14:58-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-15:50 Session 5
15:30 Grossly Distributed Programming: some thoughts submitted for ORMC'96, R.F. Smoody of smOOdynamics - Systems Made Outa Objects.
15:45 Discussion
15:50 Future directions (10 min. introduction by Eric Jul)
17:00 Welcome reception (Fairmont Hotel, conference registration required)

Other Papers Accepted

How do we know what's really going on?, M. Fuchs.

Net Services

The workshop proceedings (.tar file including all papers) or single papers (.ps.gz and .txt files) can be obtained from http://www.garfield.dk/pesto/ormc96/index.html. WWW access to workshop information, including papers, is provided here.

There was a mailing list, ormc96@diku.dk, including the workshop participants.

Call for Papers (reprise)


The dissemination of mobile resources together with the growth of interconnectivity are two key factors of our future computing environment. Two of the open research issues in this new environment are: the identification of new applications that provide functionality from mobility, and the identification of the kind of underlying platforms and paradigms that will support these applications.

Some of the new issues concern the management of mutating communication channels for mobile object location identification, the design of mobile applications using object orientation, the specification of protocols allowing operations on a distributed mobile state, and the creation and reconciliation of replicas to support of disconnected operation.


The workshop is to provide an object-oriented perspective concering possible future mobile environments. We specifically ask for contributions that address the binding of objects and object-oriented technology to replication and mobility issues.


The workshop focuses on (but is not limited to) the following topics: Mobile objects, migration, protocols, replication, location, naming, disconnected operation, coordination, object grouping, mobile applications, and mobile access to network/Internet/WWW.

The workshop consists of sessions. Each session begins with short presentations and ends with more general discussion of the objectives of the session. The presenters will be chosen among a subset of the participants (i.e., not everyone should expect to present their position paper).

Requirements for Attendance

Interested participants must submit a position paper (max. 4 pages) by Email (Postscript or plain text). All submitted papers will be made available via WWW.

Participation is by invitation only based on submitted papers. Priority is given to papers suitable for sparking discussions. There is a limited number of spaces available for active Ph.D. students. Such students should merely submit a short description of their background and a recommendation from their Ph.D. advisor (e-mail is OK) and attesting to the fact that the student is a full-time Ph.D. student.

Organizer Information

Birger Andersen
Aalborg Univ., Dept. of Comp. Science
Fredrik Bajersvej 7 E, Aalborg, Denmark

Eric Jul
DIKU, University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 1, Copenhagen, Denmark

Francisco Moura
DI, Universidade do Minho
Campus Gualtar - Braga, Portugal

Rui Oliveira
IN(Ecublens), 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

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